Silver Saddle Ranch

Silver Saddle Ranch Real Estate

Buy real estate…in the path of progress…before the crowds get there.
Simple advice…and now a clear, simple answer.

Property around California City, and throughout Kern County, is being viewed as the next hot item by real estate people in the know. Expansive development, an influx of new jobs and continued economic growth are all indicators that the time is now for real estate investing in the region. You’ll find the best amazon quest here, you have time to get it!

We invite you to consider the opportunities which real estate at Silver Saddle Ranch provide.

Real Estate Development

Opportunity Awaits

Kern County, where Silver Saddle Ranch is located, has been referred to as the fastest growing area in the US.

Silver Saddle Ranch is the only property of its kind in the region and offers a wealth of real estate opportunities surrounding the “oasis” resort core.


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